How do I put credit onto (top-up) my account?
You have been supplied with a Kaizen Energy Pre-pay card which can be scanned at any Payzone pre-pay facility. You can search for an agent through the Payzone website HERE; however it’s likely that your local newsagent will have a Payzone facility. You can alternatively pay securely using a credit or debit card though your Energy Hub account or HERE.

Is there a minimum and maximum top-up required?
Yes. The minimum payment accepted is €10 and the maximum is €300 per transaction. Please allow one working day for your credit to appear on your Energy Hub account. Your payments will be reconciled onto your account during office hours Monday – Friday only.

How do I sign up to Energy Hub to see my balance, usage and payments?
You can register by clicking on the Customer Sign-Up button at the top right corner of this page or by clicking HERE. Please note that we require you to provide a valid email address to use this service. Once we receive your registration details we will review and activate your account.

How often is Energy Hub updated?
Energy Hub is updated in the morning of each working day with the energy usage and payments made on the previous day. Any usage or payments over the weekend will be updated on Monday morning.

What are my energy supply rates?
You are charged €0.06032 per kWh of heat used and €0.252 per day standing charge. These rates are VAT inclusive.

What happens if I run out of credit?
If you run out of credit and don’t top up your account your supply will be disconnected on the next working day. Your supply will not be switched off over the weekend. When you top up so that your account balance is in credit, your supply will be returned within the next working day. Please note, like most pre-pay tariffs, you will continue to receive standing charges while your supply is disconnected for non-payment.

What happens if I lose my card?
Please contact our office to order a new card. A €15 replacement fee applies and please allow up to two weeks for replacement cards to be issued. In the meantime, you will be able to top-up your account using your debit / credit card. You can only top-up your balance with the card attached to this letter. This card details the first line of your address. You cannot top-up another person’s account with your card.

What if I have problems topping up or with Energy Hub:
Please contact our office during normal working hours by phone on 01 6853516 or by email on and we will provide you with assistance.