Do I need to schedule my hot-water on?

No; Hot water is supplied instantly through a plate heat exchanger in the HIU so there is no need to schedule your water use.

How do I operate the heating system?

The underfloor heating system is operable via the controller and thermostats located throughout your apartment. There are a number of separately controlled heating zones in the apartment. The operating instructions for the controllers can be found on our website within the Customer information section.

What is involved in the billing process?

Bills will be issued bi-monthly based on the kWh energy consumption per apartment at the current heat tariff rates. Bills will be issued to tenants as named on the apartment lease. The amount on each bill is due for payment 14 days from when the bill is issued.
What are the heat charges?

The heat tariff is set by the OMC; it consists of three charges:

The Usage Charge – calculated daily using the kWh metered at your premises and the usage rate that is set based on the cost of gas and the efficiency of the main system.

Standing Charge – a fixed daily charge that relates to the fixed costs of providing the heat service regardless of usage.

Sinking Fund – a contribution to the long term replacement cost of the heating system plant and equipment

How are meter readings taken?

Meter readings are automatically taken for each apartment via a central processing unit located within the central plant of the apartment complex