How often will I be billed and when is my bill due for payment?
Bills are generated every two months and are due for payment 14 days after the bill issue date.

How can I pay my bill?
The simplest method of bill payment is via a direct debit mandate; you can sign up for direct debit payment HERE. You can also pay using your Kaizen Energy Pre-pay card that can be scanned at any Payzone pre-pay facility; you can search for an agent through the Payzone website HERE; however it’s likely that your local newsagent will have a Payzone facility.

Can I opt to receive paperless bills and communications instead of paper in the post?
Yes, at registration you can tick the box for “Use Paperless Billing” and view your bills, payments, meter readings, etc. through your energy hub customer account. Please note you will be able to view pdf versions of your bills on your energy hub account which you can print. Paperless customers will receive all notices by email and via their energy hub account, no printed communication in the post. If you wish to switch to paperless at any stage please contact us by email or phone 01 6853516 and we will switch your account.