Notice of outage in Pavilion 2 on 16th Aug 2017

There is currently a problem with the landlord pumps in the Pavilion 2 complex which means that Pavilion 2 apartments cannot generate heating or hot-water from the district heating system. Aramark have been made aware of the issue and are in the process of implementing a solution. We recommend that Pavilion 2 customers use their electric immersions to heat their hot-water tanks in the interim. We will update this webpage once we have an update from Aramark.

Update 3rd Oct 2017

Aramark have given us approval to replace the landlord pumps and we have placed the order. We expect the pumps to arrive early next week and once received we will organise the replacement and restore supply to Pavilion 2 customers. We will continue to keep this page updated with progress on the works.

Update 10th Oct 2017

We have installed the new pumps and restored heat supply to Pavilion 2 customers. Please time your radiators and hot water tank to heat from the communal system and allow an hour for your hot-water tank to heat up.