As you are likely aware there has been significant general inflation in all energy costs over the last two years. Coupled with this there have been significant developments in Ukraine along with the confirmation that the approval for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been placed on hold. All of these inflationary and supply constraints have led to steep increase in commercial energy costs in the short to medium term.

The communal heating system in Neptune is supplied with a natural gas connection for the generation of heating and hot water which means the impact of market increases are simply unavoidable in the short term. While we have been in a position to avoid any rate increases in the last 24 months, we are now left with no other option but to advise you of increases to Kaizen customers.

Effective as of 1st April 2022 a variable pricing strategy will be implemented. This means that you will now be charged for heat and hot water based on a market adjusted kWh rate which accounts for the fluctuations, up and down, within the commercial gas market. As you are a pre-pay customer, this market adjusted kWh rate will be calculated and applied to your account at the start of every month. This rate will fluctuate up and down on a monthly basis thereafter until such a time as the energy markets stabilise. In the short term this is likely to increase your energy cost significantly so we would urge you to be mindful about controlling your internal heating system to ensure daily usage in minimised wherever possible. Mixing down the temperature of your hot water for showers etc will also limit your kWh usage.

We appreciate that these increases to our customers will be unwelcome however due to the general inflationary pressures and geopolitical events unfolding it is unavoidable. Our hope is that a peaceful resolution for the Ukrainian people will be found in the days or weeks to come and that subsequent market stability can alleviate the burden on our customers.