How does the system work?
Apartments in Forbes are supplied with heating and hot water from a centralised District Heating System. The central boiler plant is fueled by Natural Gas. Hot water from the central plant is pumped around the building as required to supply each apartment with heating and domestic hot water. Local controls in each apartment enables customers to easily set their time schedules and temperatures to match their own requirements.

How do I operate the heating system?
The heating system is operable via the controller located on the wall inside the apartment. The operating instructions for this unit should be provided to you by the owner of the apartment or their agent but is available to download HERE

How do I control the temperature?
The temperature is controlled via the thermostat and you may also have thermostatic valves on your radiators to control local temperatures in each room.

Do I need to program my Hot water?
No. Hot water is supplied instantly through a dedicated hot water circuit so there is no need to schedule your water use.

How are meter readings taken?
Meter readings are recorded for individual apartments via a central processing unit located within the central plant of the apartment complex; therefore, access to apartments is not required to take individual meter readings. Where possible, meter readings will be based on actual recordings of units consumed and not on estimated units of energy consumption.

What is involved in the billing process?
Bills will be issued bi-monthly based on your kWh energy consumption and a daily standing charge. Payment terms are 14 days.

What is the standing charge?
The standing charge is similar to the supply charge operated by any utility provider and relates to the basic costs of providing the service regardless of usage.

Who can I contact to report a problem with my heating or hot water?
Should you have a problem with your internal apartment equipment such as pumps, valves, showers and your controller please contact your landlord or management agent. Kaizen Energy are responsible for the centralized plant and operate a 24/7 cover to the main plant and equipment.

How is the standard consumption rate calculated?
Energy rates are calculated using input gas costs and the system efficiency of the main plant and equipment on site. Due to global inflation in energy costs, our rates are currently not fixed. Rates are now revised bi-monthly in conjunction with the management company and may increase or decrease depending on gas rates and system efficiency levels.

Who do I contact if I have a query on my bill?
Please contact our office by email or phone 01 6853516. Our office hours are Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5pm.

How do I close my account?
If you are moving home, please provide us with written notification by email:, and we will issue you your final bill, which can be paid through our website. Please note that your closing bill cannot be paid by direct debit. Please allow a minimum of 7 days’ notice before departure.