Site Notices

Please check here for notices of works or faults affecting the district heating system HERE

Operating the heating system

The operating instructions for the heating system controller have been provided as part of the homeowner pack of documentation but, if you don’t have that, these short videos simply explain how to program your heating:


Pay as you go district heating

All apartments in Eustace Court are on the Kaizen Selfcare pre-payment platform. You can access your Kaizen Selfcare account through the Kaizen Energy app on your smart phone or through the Kaizen Selfcare Portal on your computer. You can download the Kaizen Energy android app from the Play Store and the IOS app from the Apple Store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For information on your heating system please visit our Technical FAQs HERE and for common queries from customers to do with the pre-payment system please visit our Account FAQs HERE

Trouble Shooting Guide

If you are having a problem with your heating and/or hot-water in your apartment please follow the steps in our Trouble Shooting Guide

Terms & Conditions of Heat Supply

Please find a link to our latest terms and condition of heat supply HERE