Charlotte Notices

Notice of rate reduction 1st April 2020

As a result of the efficient running of the communal heating system in Leona over the last year and the securing of a favourable future gas contract we will reduce the future running costs of the system. We are pleased to announce that the owner’s management company have agreed to pass this future cost saving back to the residents in the form of a reduction heat tariff rates. From tomorrow, 1st April 2020, the following rates changes will apply:
kWh usage rate: from €0.096/kWh to €0.074/kWh
Daily delivery rate: from €0.73/day to €0.60/day
This tariff change will result in an annual saving of €137 for an average apartment*.
Kind regards,
The Kaizen Energy Team.
* an average apartment (2 bedrooms) uses 4,058 kWh/annum; actual savings will differ based on the actual usage of individual apartments.